Fish for breakfast

Fish for breakfast. It’s probably not what most campers would expect. The early morning wake up at 5:15am allowed just enough time to get dressed and hike to the ball field at Rainbow Trail Lutheran Camp. We start with worship. We sing, we pray, we listen, we eat. First we eat the Holy meal- the bread broken, the wine poured. Then we trek back down to eat fish for breakfast. Remembering how Jesus cooked up a fish breakfast for his disciples after he was resurrected from the dead- we are reminded that Jesus cared for the every day and ordinary needs of his followers. Jesus nourished them both in his life and after his death. Camp was an experience to nourish the faith life of your confirmat

Rest for your soul

Finding rest for our souls. This isn’t the same as taking a vacation or a day off. The rest for our souls can arrive as a gift in that pause that happens when we take a deep breath and take in the Presence of God- that is already here. I am up at Rainbow Trial with 11 middle school students. There are definitely all the exciting and fun camp activities like hiking, rafting, games of gaga ball and elimination. We also have bible study, congregation time and lots of hanging out time in the beauty of the San Juan mountains. Yesterday in our small group bible study one of the teenage boys shared the it was the “Morning Watch/God time” (the early morning solitary time spent in nature) that was

God is faithful

It was just a glimpse. It was almost as if I was going to miss it and then I paused. The "God pause"- to slow down- it happened. I saw the pink clouds. Overwhelmed, exhausted, spent, not sure of the exact description to put into words all that I was feeling. Tired. A deep tired. But there was a pause. And then I saw that glimpse of the pink clouds and I was reminded. I am with you. I have this covered. Rely on me. Those messages from God that have been planted deep in my heart surfaced. The pink clouds reminded me. God is faithful. The faithfulness we are called to is to rely upon God. It is one of those challenges in this faith journey of the balance of effort and ease, intention and surre


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