March 27, 2019

Prodigal [prod-i-guhl]  adjective-

wastefully or recklessly extravagant:giving or yielding profusely; lavish (usually followed by of or with ):lavishly abundant; profuse.

This is the love God has for you- lavish, abundant and profuse. God loves us beyond what we could ev...

March 21, 2019

What difference can a day make? How about a pair of brightly colored socks could they make a difference? How about an invitation?

Last year I was invited to visit Rejoicing Spirits at Bethany Lutheran in Cherry Hills. Rejoicing Spirits ministry provides a worshiping opp...

March 12, 2019

Daylight Savings time- started just this last weekend. “Until an opportune time” from our gospel reading from Luke 4 this past weekend. Asking “is it the right time” each time I see a clock at the office or in my home wondering if it has been changed. A time to weep, a...

March 7, 2019

“I waited patiently for the Lord, he inclined to me and heard my cry.” Psalm 40:1

In the weeks leading up to today,Ash Wednesday, the first line of the song “40” by U2 has been on my mind.  The first line of Psalm 40 isn’t often true of me. Waiting and patiently don’t o...

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