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Who is Walking with You?

Tyg. Tyg walks with me. Pastor Tyg Taylor- although I am 90% sure he prefers to go by “Tyg”. (Help me remember to ask him this Sunday October 10, 2021 when he visits Lord of the Hills to share about Wholly Kicks, preach the gospel and get you curious about who is walking with you.) We get to walk alongside one another on this journey of following Jesus. Tyg is one of the people who walks alongside me.

As we continue to explore Walking with God- Loving our Neighbor I invite you to consider the question; who is walking with you? And then ask also, "who is God inviting you to walk alongside?". In Micah 6:8- our stewardship theme verse, "to walk humbly" can also be understood as "to walk intentionally". As we love, serve and grow in our mission and ministry of being Christ's Light on the hill let's be intentional about with whom we are walking.

Tyg is a colleague, an ELCA pastor, an inspiration. As part of our 2022 Stewardship for All Seasons campaign we are inviting Tyg of Wholly Kicks to walk with us as we love, serve and grow. Check out the story behind Wholly Kicks.

So who is walking with you? And who are you walking with? Together we get to “walk each other home”.*

*this is a quote from Ram Dass

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