Angels unawares

August 1, 2019


Do not neglect to show hospitality to strangers, for thereby some have entertained angels unawares. Hebrews 13:2 (RSV)


There are over 300 references to “angel” in the Bible yet I didn't take a single class thirty-five years ago as part of my theological study. I have never participated in or lead a bible study on this topic and only recently have read a couple of books. There are many, many articles and resources.  My knowledge base of these scriptures has them in the context of the larger story of God creating, sustaining and redeeming us. This month we will take a look at several of these verses and explore the topics of fear, faith, evil and death.  


Together on this journey of loving, serving and growing as followers of Jesus we get to keep learning. I hope you will join me this month in exploring and learning about angels. For the four weekends in August we will get to sing “Angels we have heard on high” as our gospel acclamation even though the Bible doesn’t ever refer to angels actually singing.  


People who die don’t become angels. We confess the resurrection of the dead- not in a zombie apocalypse manner- and there isn’t scriptural witness to humans after death changing form into angels.  Fear and angels are often paired and physical description written of in the Bible bear no resemblance to the angel figurines, cherubic art or round sweet faces.


Planning for months to preach on scripture connected to angels I have more questions than answers and hope you will join me in this month of holy curiosity.  If you will be worshiping with us in person be sure to bring your bible or have your bible phone app loaded as we look at a variety of bible readings this month. Stepping out of my comfort zone we will be recording this preaching series and making it available on our YouTube channel.  


The well known verse from Hebrews 13:2 as I read it today the word that strikes me is “unaware”.  As I have ventured into these areas less known to me I become increasing aware of what I do not know and the questions that I have. I hope you will join me in a month of questions and curiosity, bible study and listening, keeping an open mind and heart. 


May God’s holy angels watch over you.

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