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Surprised by Joy

It often really is the little things. Billboards, church signs, bumper stickers, babies laughing at ripped paper on videos, all these little things can bring a smile. Joy and laughter can be infectious. (Random note did you know smiling opens up your sinuses? Try it right now & see if it helps you breathe a little more freely). Okay back to joy...

This weekend June 9 & 10, 2018, we will focus on Joy as the fruit of the Spirit. Gratitude and joy are partners. We won't get it perfectly- ever- so how about we encourage one another to let go of that illusion? There is strength in numbers and together we are cultivating a culture of joy and gratitude even in the midst of the difficulties, hardships and trials that life also holds. Baby steps help us make progress.

So here is my invitation to you this week- look for a bumper sticker, a billboard, a church sign, a baby or something that comes your way that makes you smile. Next give God thanks for the "little things" that bring that unexpected- surprising joy. Lastly if you can share it in a picture or a few words would you then share it on our Lord of the Hills Facebook page or on Instagram or send me an email with that little bit of joy?

We are in this together and joy shared is doubled. We have for you a give-away hand out this weekend - join us to find out what it is. I hope to see you Saturday at 5pm and Sunday at 8 and 10:30am as together we open ourselves up to be surprised by the Joy of the Spirit. May you be surprised today by a little bit of joy! And if you have a couple minutes watch a baby laugh at the littlest of things. This is joy.

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