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God is faithful

It was just a glimpse. It was almost as if I was going to miss it and then I paused. The "God pause"- to slow down- it happened. I saw the pink clouds. Overwhelmed, exhausted, spent, not sure of the exact description to put into words all that I was feeling. Tired. A deep tired. But there was a pause. And then I saw that glimpse of the pink clouds and I was reminded. I am with you. I have this covered. Rely on me. Those messages from God that have been planted deep in my heart surfaced. The pink clouds reminded me.

God is faithful. The faithfulness we are called to is to rely upon God. It is one of those challenges in this faith journey of the balance of effort and ease, intention and surrender, letting go and letting God while also using all that we have been given. We have had camp counselors from Sky Ranch Lutheran Camp with us this week leading a Day Camp. There have been those moments where as I have had a front seat to the Spirit at work through the gifts of the counselors and volunteers- I am reminded-God is faithful. We get to do the footwork and God brings about the results.

Grace, balance and ease are often challenging to trust when it seems like there is just too much to do. Yet this week has proven another reminder that

God is stronger than my doubts. With counselors and campers, volunteers and staff who are all moving in the same direction of providing a loving experience of community and connection wrapped up in the saving grace of God through Jesus it all works out. Day camp 2 is almost over and I keep getting glimpses.

Grace, balance and ease in the midst of overwhelmed, exhausted, spent- the Spirit intercedes for us. It's a both/and of effort & intention alongside flowing & trusting. God is faithful. We can rely upon the grace of God who is with us in all times and places and it is the faithfulness of the God who has us covered in Love that we lean into. Blessings on your summer and days of getting glimpses.

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