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A Joyful Noise!

We hope you enjoy the video of our friends in Gitombo, Kenya. We are so grateful for the dedication and hard work of Pastor Wanji Mukunga who puts her love into action. This month our "noisy offering"- Change 4 Change- will help support the work of Pastor Wanji and her team of teachers in Gitombo. They provide a warm meal, education, support and encouragement to families, Bible studies and a lot of love to the children and the parents of this village. It takes a village and we get to be part of this love in action.

Take the time to listen to the children sing. In this season of Advent as we wait and watch we get to be inspired by those who so generously share their gifts. If you want to make a donation directly on out website to support this ministry you can follow this link and choose Change 4 Change.

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