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Be at Peace, In Peace, Be Peace

Be at peace. Tonight as I write, I am breathing in God’s presence and exhaling my concerns and worries. Inhaling peace and exhaling the weariness as I write these words to encourage being at peace. Here now in this breath and no place else this is an ongoing practice I invite you to join in with me. Here now. Now here. One breath at a time. Inhaling the peace and exhaling the ….all and whatever is taking away from the God is present awareness of this moment. As Jesus’ followers we are invited in each breath to be connected to God. This connection with God is our source of peace.

Be in peace. Embodied peace; as I allow my shoulders to drop, as one exercise instructor says, “they aren’t earrings”. As I prepare to go to sleep this night to consider “resting in peace”. Resting in peace has come to be a euphemism for death and this night may everything and anything that separates us from the peace of God be put to death. May you rest this night in peace. We do not know what tomorrow will bring and we know that God is present in each and every day. When you awake tomorrow the power and peace of God will be present as they are this night as they were yesterday and will be the day after. May that aid in your resting in peace.

Be peace. Mind, body, spirit. Breathing and resting, waking and working, standing up or lying down to be peace-filled, peaceful, to be peace. Peace like a river, or maybe like a cloud that has lightness and air and freedom. Be peace. God knows that our world needs peace and we, sisters and brothers in Christ, can let in this peace that surpasses human understanding, call upon this peace, and then go forth to be peace.

May the peace of God which the world cannot give, which Christ comes to share, keep your hearts and minds at peace and in peace so that you may be peace.

One breath at a time- be peace.

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1 Comment

Unknown member
Jan 20, 2021

Pastor Margo,

You probably don’t remember me, but my husband and I are aunt and uncle to Jami and Ben Salmeron.

I just wanted to tell you that I was blessed by your blog on peace this morning and in awe of its appearance on the eve and day of Inauguration.

Thank you!

Elaine Barron

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