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Keep It Simple Sunday

To listen. To pause. Even when it is just for the 4 minutes it takes for my tea to brew. To breath. To offer up a simple prayer. Thank you. Guide me. Surround ————-with Your tender loving care. 

Keeping it simple on the Sunday is to allow time and space to just be. There are 24 hours in a day. In 2024 one of my intentions is to pause to allow for the awareness that this, this moment, this breath, this awareness is where I am letting in the gift of this day, this 24 hours in 2024. It’s not the entire year, the month, the week, or even the full 24 hours that I need to focus on in the pause- just this moment, this breath. 

The celebration of Epiphany, the Baptism of Jesus and the beginning of a six-week preaching series; A Deeper Life… Confirmation and Sunday School resuming and a congregation potluck- one breath at a time. Star words to share on this celebration of Epiphany; I wonder what guiding word I will pick. A visit to someone in grief- to trust God guides me in how that plays out. 

Yesterday in the mail a beautiful red cardinal made out of rolled paper- quilled, arrives. It's the photo in this post. A card with a beautiful red flower with words of appreciation for our friendship. Reminders that God is with us in this moment, in this breath. So to stay in this day and keep it simple on this Sunday. 

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