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Bravely Building Anew!

Our Wall to Build:

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Ready to accept the call to be Nehemiah for our community? 


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When Nehemiah heard his calling to rebuild the walls of Jerusalem, he found himself on both a physical, and spiritual journey. Nehemiah was not a priest, nor a prophet, nor a spiritual leader. He was a layperson whose prayer and faithfulness led to him ask: What skills do I have? What can I do? And with that, he led the charge to build anew the walls of Jerusalem. 

At Lord of the Hills, in this season of change, we all are asked to pray, hold steadfast in faithfulness, and join as we explore the challenging questions around what do we need to build up and what do we need to release in 2023 and beyond? What does it take to boldly build anew?


For many of us, being in our building—worshiping and learning within our walls—connects us. For others, we must provide a virtual window to peek through and explore. Who are we when our chairs are full and we worship together? Who are we in Bible study? In small groups? We must be church together wherever, whenever, and however someone wants to join us. Offering up our home to those who are virtual does not take away from those of us who are in person.

Nehemiah did not rebuild the walls of Jerusalem alone, and we cannot ask our small staff to build and maintain our church alone. The pandemic taught us that many people will do more, learn more, and try more to the point of exhaustion. It’s time to give our team a break and help them to return to a balanced life. We must say “thank you” and demonstrate our appreciation by lightening their load by hiring additional staff. We need fresh ideas and skills from people who can help us run our office and technology and grow our programs. We may even dare to dream of something we have yet to conceive. Imagine what this can look like in person or online.

Whether virtual or in person, our physical building needs to welcome all. We need to want to be here, and we need to want to invite people to enter with us. Imagine our classrooms and the Inspiration Room full of conversation and laughter, with meals shared and coffee sipped (and sometimes spilled). Picnics on the lawn, chatter outside, conversations that go a little long in the parking lot—rather than hustling home, we stay a little longer because our space is welcoming, well cared for, and inviting.

We are all Nehemiah

Most of us are not prophets or priests. We are laypeople. But like Nehemiah, we can answer God’s call to make a difference. It’s up to us to accept the challenge. It is only together that we can Bravely Build Anew and become the Lord of the Hills that we all want and know we can be. Will you accept the challenge?