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Church Stories

"I came from a church where I led efforts to help our congregation join the Reconciling in Christ (RIC) list of ELCA organizations that are welcoming and affirming. It is a bit of 'green book' for the LGBTQ community to help locate places where they will be safe and celebrated. I had an inkling that LOTH would be a wonderful, accepting community, but without the RIC label, I felt a bit apprehensive approaching Pastor Margot and identifying as the 'mom of a trans kid.’ Eventually, I got tired of feeling isolated, so I took a chance. I'm so glad I did."

"I was brought up Catholic than for 20 + yrs. I was a Christian. I always believed since I was a teenager that women should be able to be ministers. I always wanted to attend a church with a women minister. I researched Lutheran churches near me and had driven past LOTH lot's of times.  I noticed that church building wasn't huge which was a plus for me. I looked more deeply at LOTH online and discovered a women minister.  Yeah finally!  I believe I attended the first time in Oct. 2017. Pastor Margot greeted me and asked me my name which was unusual for me. The next time I attended service she greeted me by name again. I felt awesome, since Pastor Margot had greeted me twice by name. I even invited my friend, Danni, to come to church with me. Sadly she recently moved, but liked LOTH too and was involved in helping with Sunday school." 

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