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Every Breath- a Pentecost reflection

Every breath. God is present in every breath. Part of the appeal for me of yoga is the connection of breath and movement. To quiet my mind and open my heart I unroll my yoga mat and I breathe. Inhale. Exhale. My body gets a workout and I breathe deeply. God. Here. Now in this breath. That is a prayer. As I was preparing for the IMPORTANT FESTIVAL WORSHIP this weekend I was reminded of the fun song that is shown in the video. Waves of mercy and waves of grace are in every breath. For those of you willing consider singing along with the video and maybe even engaging your body in the actions. And breathe. Breathe in deeply the amazing grace of God that THIS WEEKEND we celebrate PENTECOST the THIRD LARGEST CELEBRATION of our worship life together. Unlike Christmas and Easter which have cultural trappings wrapped around them- Pentecost is free of any consumer product connections. So make this celebration your own- wear red, take a spiritual gifts assessment, take time to dance, sing, breathe and come to worship.

Here is my appeal to you Sisters and Brothers in Christ- take a deep breath. Listen. Allow your mind to be quieted and your heart to be opened. Join in worship this weekend May 19 & 20, 2018 where you will be invited to "pick a card" and consider how the Spirit- the Advocate- has graced and gifted you. God has given us gifts to share. We are the hands that God uses to share and show love, to bring about change. We are the voices that the Spirit uses to cry out on behalf of those in need and advocate for our neighbors. We are the church- the body of our Lord.

All Summer long you will be invited to "let you light shine" and participate in the SUMMER OF THE SPIRIT sharing generously by using your particular spiritual gifts. Do you wonder what those gifts are and how to use them? Here is a 60 question online survey you can take.

We are looking for people willing to share their faith stories in worship. Please speak with me if the Spirit is calling to you to share your story. We have a full summer schedule of ways together to LOVE + SERVE + GROW you will find many ways to be connected, engaged and enthused all summer long. Keep checking out how the Spirit is calling you to action. Blessings on this journey of following Jesus and let's keep letting our lights shine! Peace be with you- Pastor Margot

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