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A spiritual bank account

Sitting on the couch with the my dog Dobby while writing in my journal and drinking my morning lemon water. Singing and making up my own lyrics. Yoga. Phone calls to friends. Walking. Cooking. Prayer. The ocean. Lectio Divina bible study. All of these are on the list at the front of my journal. Poetry. Each of these makes a “deposit” into my spiritual bank account. When my account is full I have more joy, love and peace to share.

Years ago a friend shared the idea of being aware of activities and practices that make deposits into my “spiritual bank account”. These deepen and increase my connection with God, other people, myself and the world. There are the counter activities and events that make withdrawals from my spiritual bank account which can leave me feeling empty, afraid, alone.

For many years I have been practicing awareness to make sure I don’t start getting overdrawn on the account. It gets pretty hard to get out from under the “bankruptcy” that can occur when life has lots of challenges, changes, transitions and tragedies. So it has been a practice to understand some of the things that make withdrawals for me in particular.

Not only is it the big things like conflict, death and illness that make for withdrawals. There are what might at first seem like smaller things that add up like too much television news or facebook filled with rants and criticisms. Gossip, criticism, resentment- my own or that of others unchecked takes a toll. As we head into the holiday season I am aware that this time of year has potential for large withdrawals. So I have it on my radar to make some deposits. I am going to sit by the water and watch the waves this week.

Recently, I purchased a book to listen to as I drive it gives me some good words for my head and heart. A book of poems sits on my bedside table as a way to have words walk with me that fill my heart. As I connect with others I am often curious about what fills up their account and what makes deposits.

We keep getting to learn from one another. What a beautiful gift it is to share our lives and our stories and share from the spiritual bank accounts that have been filled. God knows that we need one another and I would love to hear from your about your spiritual bank account. Blessings on this journey and may your account be filled.

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