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Lost and Found

The band Lost and Found (George Baum and Michael Bridges-now retired) performed at a local church about a year after their dad’s death. It “struck a chord” for my Dylan and Sophie. Fun and funny, deep and wide, singing songs that engaged and encouraged us to sing along I saw the power of voices found after they had been lost. Lost and found.

After their dad’s death church was different for them. Dylan mostly refused to attend. It was just too painful for him to be in the space which had once been filled with the life and presence of his beloved dad. For Sophie, her friends kept her wanting to be there and she was a bit younger so the grief affected her differently. For me, it was a bittersweet place to be and my voice was often lost- I did not know what to say. I often could not sing without sobbing. In time there were some shifts. Lost and found.

When I think of how difficult those days were, I do remember that Dylan also had a church friend, that could sometimes coax and encourage him to be there in that space. I remember the power of familiar songs that would wash over me and speak to my deep sorrow. But I don’t remember really being able to sing in that time. And we, as a new family of three, often would not sit together in church. The world had shifted and so many things changed including how we attended worship. Lost and found.

When the opportunity to go and hear Lost and Found came along the three of us attended together. And the music at that concert. ..That night… When together we went and heard Lost and Found- the music spoke to Sophie and Dylan in a way that found them, and me, and us. To be together in that church and hear that music that our hearts needed for healing- that was something. Until then, I don’t think I knew quite the extent of how music had been lost in our sorrow. There were other songs, other music that we would listen to but this night it was different. Lost and found.

The fun and funny, silly and deep and all the in-betweens brought us together. It was belly laughter. It was deeper listening. It was being part of a group that was both sung to and singing. It was balm for the soul. Lost and found.

Now many years later reflecting on Luke 15- the lost sheep, the lost coin, the lost son I think of that concert by Lost and Found. All along God was pursuing and seeking each of us. And on that night when music and words came together the song found a space to enter into our hearts. We were found. There was great rejoicing. Lost and found.

We sang that night. They got t-shirts and CD’s and a little light shone in what had been a dark time. Like the woman in the parable who lights a lamp to find the one lost coin- frivolous use of lamp fuel. Like the shepherd who recklessly leaves the ninety-nine in pursuit of the one. What doesn’t seem to make sense speaks of God’s love in ways that surprise us. There is rejoicing in heaven when that which is lost is found. God is relentless in seeking and finding and calling to us -God keeps at it. Years later I would hear this song by The Fray and it would speak to me in another time where I was need of being found. God’s creativity in seeking the lost and reminding them that there is comfort, refuge and strength in God’s arms will never cease to amaze me. Lost and found.

Speaking of Music… It makes things happen in us and through us and sometimes it can find us when we are lost. This past weekend we were blessed with a special piece of music written by Thomas W. Kielmeyer in celebration of our month long emphasis on “God’s Work, Our Hands”. Join us to hear it at the 8am worship service this weekend. Here are the lyrics- may they find in you a place to reside and be balm for your spirit this week:

Verse 1

How can we show His love;

His life giving presence that’s meant for all?

How can we be His light;

A bright shining beacon set out in the night?


Bless the young, feed the poor,

Be the one they were looking for.

Be the feet for those who fall,

Give them strength to stand up tall

Be His guiding light of faith

Pray for those in need of grace.

Share the love He has for all

Doing… God’w work through our hands

Verse 2

How can we bring His peace;

To a world full of hatred that needs relief?

How can we bring his mercy;

When pain is all we can see?


It’s time to show His love

It’s time to share His light

It’s time to bring His mercy

To our world and make it bright

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