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Agape That

Agape that. My sister and I started watching the television series, “For All Mankind” on AppleTV several weeks ago. Upon the recommendation of our brother we got pulled into the drama depicting an alternative history in which the space race between the United States and the Soviet Union takes many twists and turns. The astronauts often use the affirmative response of “copy that”. Over these weeks of watching episodes of that show I have heard over and over again; copy that.

Reading Luke 6:27-38 (the “rest of the story”- part 2 from last weeks blessings and woes) I had to look up right away the Greek word used for “Love” in the “Love your enemies.”part of the passage. I was pretty sure that it was a form of agape ( Ἀγαπᾶτε). The greek word agape is a word for love differentiated from the greek work eros- romantic love and the greek word philos- brotherly love/friendship love. Agape is the love God has for us and God gives to us. Agape is the love to which we are invited to participate. We don’t generate it, we receive it and let it flow through us.

Agape and copy rhymed for me. “Agape that” came to mind when I considered how could it be that Jesus is instructing:

Love your enemies- agape that.

Do good to those who hate you- agape that.

Bless those who curse you- agape that.

Pray for those who abuse you- agape that.

It’s got to be the Agape LOVE from God, of God, through God- agape love as the fuel for this mission in which Jesus invites us to participate. This week I invite you to consider where and when you are being invited to “agape that”.

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