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Fellowship is how we get to know a few people in a deep way – a safe place to share ideas, doubts, faith, struggles, and to develop close friendships.  Small groups are communities within our community -- they help a growing church feel small. A “small group” usually consists of 3-12 people, meeting regularly, for a specific period of time, for an agreed upon purpose.

Below are examples of the groups you can join!   

We are now communicating through Realm

Get connected in this new community, join groups, 

and be in the know about all the interests you have! 

Contact the OFFICE for an invite.

Dinner Connections

An opportunity for you to meet other Lord of the Hills members and connect with some folks you may
not get to know otherwise. You’ll be put into a group with other LOTH churchgoers to gather once a
month for a total of four months at each other’s homes for dinner, lunch, brunch – whatever works for
you! Connect over conversation, games or other fun and creative ideas that work.  You’ll be surprised at the unique and unexpected connections you’ll make – guaranteed!

If you have any questions please reach out to Andrea Weyand at andrea_weyand@yahoo.com or call 678-232-9508 to sign up or with questions.

Enneagram Workshops 

Call Joan Brown at 303-400-3554 

Want to join the numbers?  There are a number of people in Lord of the Hills Lutheran Church and Preschool who know their numbers.  Would you like to join them in numbers… free of charge? Are you curious to know why you do the things you do in a consistent manner? Are you curious to know what makes your family, friends, co-workers, politicians, etc. react the way they do?  Learn your number.  Learn their numbers.  Just call Joan Brown, a trained Enneagram teacher, at 303-400-3554 or email her at enneajoan@gmail.com to let her know you want to come to ONE of her workshops.

Golf Group

Planned Seasonally 
Steve Edmundson 303-699-6464 

Hiking Group

Meets monthly, typically the third Saturday. We start the season with easier hikes and build through the summer with a 14'er as the goal for summer's end. 

Craig Peterson 303-870-8212  -  Join us on Realm!

Let’s Eat Out

4th Sunday of the month at 5:30pm,

Location varies month to month.  Carpool always available from the church.  The Events Calendar is updated monthly with the selection and details.  Join the group on Realm to be in the know and to RSVP.  Group leaders:  Dale & Carole Groves 303-680-8504 dfg0524@comcast.net

Sisters on the Hill

A fellowship & service oriented group for the women and friends of those at Lord of the Hills Lutheran Church and Preschool.​  See the Event Calendar, follow our fb page and join the group on Realm, too!  

Video Group

3rd Tuesday of the month at 7:00pm, Bethany Rm of the Parish Life Center.  Follow the Events Calendar to see what will be showing month to month.  RSVP's or questions go to Arvey & Phyllis Arnold 303-690-9084 or on Realm!  This group does not meet through the summer months.

Women’s Book Group

This group of ladies meets monthly to discuss an agreed upon book selection read in the previous month. Meeting often at Dani's home; 5735 S. Andes St., Aurora, but sometimes at church so confirm via the Events Calendar on home page or directly with Dani.  Meetings at 2pm. 

Questions?  Contact Dani Ellis
720-232-4242  dsellis00@comcast.net