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The music ministry at Lord of the Hills is a welcoming place for our smallest members to our oldest; where we serve our God, our congregation and visitors by demonstrating the love that we have been given through our musical gifts and talents.   

Adult Choir:
Cantate Deo 

Cantate Deo, our Adult Choir at Lord of the Hills, is open to anyone who loves to sing and share their music gifts in a vocal ensemble.  We grow together as we seek to serve our Heavenly Father, the congregation and visitors by offering our gifts and talents throughout the church program year

Bell Choir:
Bells on the Hill

Bells on the Hill is Lord of the Hills adult hand-bells choir; which is made up of musicians who desire to grow spiritually and musically together in a fun, lighthearted Christian Instrumental Ensemble.


We seek to serve our Lord, congregation, and visitors by sharing the love of God through our ringing throughout the program year.  


Praise Band: 
Apostle's Creed

Apostle's Creed is Lord of the Hills praise band.  This musical group consists of guitarists, bass players, drummers, keyboardists and vocalists who serve our God, congregation and visitors by sharing their gifts and talents in a contemporary music group.  Our ensemble strives to share the Word and love of God through our musical offerings throughout the program year.  


Preschool Age Choir:
Angel Choir

Our Angel Choir is a two-year-old to kindergarten age children's music group. We instruct our littlest members on how music compliments the Gospel in a fun environment where they sing, ring our KidsPlay hand-bells, act and play together as they grow.  Children share their love and musical abilities throughout the program year as offerings to our congregation and visitors.  

Elementary Age Choir:
Hosanna Choir

The Hosanna Choir is Lord of the Hills elementary school age Children's Choir that teaches our youth how to sing, ring our Malmark hand-chimes, act and play together while proclaiming the Gospel, and growing together.  Children share their proclamations of love through music throughout the program year at various services.  

Soloist and Small Ensembles

Along with our wonderful ensembles, we believe that everyone should be able to demonstrate their love of God by sharing their individual gifts and talents with the congregation and visitors.  


If you are interested in sharing your musical gifts with the congregation please contact Thomas at 

"Music is God's gift to man, the only art of Heaven given to earth, the only art of earth we take to Heaven." - Walter Savage Landor

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