As we enter into this Holy Week I hope you enjoy the video below. Here are a few suggestions to make this entire week holy- take time and allow for kairos time- the opportune time to be fully aware of the presence of God. For those of you who are on spring break how about you allow more space and slow down the pace? Take time to stop- to pause and to breathe deeply. Use all five senses to keep you aware and awake to God's love. Look to the mountains to be reminded of Psalm 121 and the strength of God. Read Psalm 121. Listen to the birds, the traffic, the noises in your home or workplace and be curious of how you are in the presence of God. Listen to music that speaks to your heart. Slow

The Upside down way of Jesus

For several years as Easter approaches I have come back to this video. Forward and then backward I am reminded that the road to the cross is one that turns upside down the ways of the world. It grounds me in the power of the cross that speaks into the pain and suffering of this world. Speaking truth that God is with us and it matters. We head into the holiest of days starting this coming Sunday March 25, 2018 with Palm Sunday. This Lenten season my personal discipline is to be intentional in fasting from fear. It is a daily practice. I have been working on my taxes and financial stuff often brings up the fear. The voice that tells me no fun until all the work is done has me getting overwhel


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