Recognize. rec·og·nize verb 1. identify (someone or something) from having encountered them before; know again. Camels. “Did you see those camels?”, I asked as the bus with our high school youth group sped along the highway on a trip up the Southern California coast. For years, my friends would to tease me about “imaginary camel sightings”. Even friends who hadn’t been on that particular trip would, at times, ask me if I had seen any camels lately. I know what camels looked like. I could recognize a camel and tell the difference between a camel and a cow. I knew that camels weren’t native to California and wouldn’t likely be roaming in a field along a highway. And I recognized what I saw

Faith in many forms

Trusting a response will come. Demanding it? Associate Professor of Old Testament at Luther Seminary, Cameron B.R. Howard, wrote a thought provoking reflection “Demanding that God Show Up”. It sparked in me a new way to view our friend Jesus’ disciple Thomas' faith. Faith can be expressed in many ways. Remember two weeks ago when Thomas said “Let us go that we may die with him” (John 11:16) before the Triumphal Entry into Jerusalem. This same Thomas. Thomas who faithfully followed Jesus into Jerusalem. Thomas there at the Last Supper. Thomas who then gets defined by just one moment and attached to his name is “doubting”. This week let’s take a look at Thomas from another angle. We can ref

The Howl Helped

The howling helped. Here in Colorado at 8pm each evening people are invited to Howl. Dan and I tried it for the first time last night as we went to look at the Super Moon. We accepted the invitation to try it out. In his statewide address Governor Jared Polis mentioned the howl. We heard about it during the God sightings after our Tuesday of Holy Week worship service. The invitation to Howl at 8pm has a Facebook page and is being shared all over the place. Howling gratitude for the health care providers and those who are putting themselves out there every day to keep essential businesses running. Howling out the grief for those from whom we are separated, those who are sick, those who have d


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