The Lord is my Shepherd-

Fear is a liar When we hear Psalm 23 and gather in community to worship we are reminded that even in the valley of the shadow of death we need not fear any evil. Fear feeds on isolation. Fear grows in the dark and in the despair of feeling so very alone. So take heart. You are not alone and never will be and never can be. This is the promise of the One who has overcome death and the grave.

Slow down for Joy

It's often the small things like April 15th being a Sunday so Tax Day is this year April 17. It's a song that comes to mind as I try to "get the next thing done" and I am reminded that slowing down is often where I encounter joy. It can also be in the big events, the milestones where we are filled with joy. As we continue in the 50 day season of Easter I hope you find some time to "slow down" and "feel groovy". Joy in a familiar song, the sun shining brightly today, a tulip appearing to smile in the way it opens up- little gifts from God are being given to us all the time. It often takes slowing down to become aware of the gifts. Or maybe there is an upcoming big event for you or someone


A deep breath, a yoga class, time on the couch with the dog, a walk beside water, writing in my journal- these are my first thoughts on when I feel deep peace. My heart slows down, I can catch my breath, fear is quieted. This weekend we hear the resurrected Jesus come through doors closed for fear & He speaks “peace”. “Peace be with you ”- three times -Jesus speaks these words & He breathes on them so that they would in that breath receive the Holy Spirit. So when do you experience peace? The deep compassion of Christ is connected to the peace given in John 20. The disciples who denied, deserted & doubted Jesus are met with words of peace. This is compassion. This is a heart to heart connect


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